Choosing your wedding celebrant is as important as any other element of your special day. What makes Trillium Celebrants your best choice for an officiant?

  The Trillium is a wildflower native in many parts of North America. It is a three petaled flower blossoming over three leaves. Native Americans believed that consuming boiled trillium roots caused an individual to fall in love!

Our logo, the triquetra (sometimes called a 'Celtic triangle' or 'trinity knot'), was an obvious choice for us. In addition to celebrating our heritage, it symbolizes who we are in many other ways...
It suggests the body, mind, and spirit;
....the Godhead, the trinity;
....the beginning, middle, and end.
This association was started by three women.
We are from Virginia. (Look at a map - it's a triangle!)

The Celebrants
Trillium Celebrants was started in 2005 by three women with a love for the spoken word. From our homes in Eastern Virginia, one of our celebrants is probably a short drive from your venue. All are ordained non-denominational ministers, and are legally authorized to perform weddings. We are experienced in guiding our clients through the process of planning a service and in performing heartfelt, meaningful ceremonies in intimate settings and before large gatherings.

Your Wedding, Your Way
There are many paths through life. We honor and respect all beliefs and traditions, and willingly incorporate them into your ceremony. Whether you envision a traditional, religious, spiritual, interfaith, non-denominational, or civil ceremony, we will help you to plan a wedding that is right for you. Perhaps you seek a wedding that celebrates two different outlooks. Maybe this is a second marriage for one or both of you. All couples bring unique expectations and experiences with them as they make their vows. It is an honor to be chosen to share such an intimate moment, and we do not take that honor lightly. We acknowledge this privilege as a sacred trust, and work to make every ceremony we perform reflect the individuality those who stand before us.

Contact Us!
If you are looking for a celebrant who will work with you to create a ceremony that is uniquely you, contact us! You may use the e-mail form on this website, or call us at 757-880-4054 or 804-306-3673.

Please let us hear from you if you have any questions about our services or if you encounter any problems while using our website.

We look forward to working with you!

Copyright: Rebecca Ritter Kelly, Trillium Celebrants

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