Now that you have found a partner to walk through life with, the day is at hand for the two of you to exchange promises. It would be our honor to celebrate the day with you in a ceremony that reflects exactly who you are.

Perhaps you have decided that a large church wedding is not for you because
  • you and your sweetheart are not active members of a church
  • you can’t afford or don’t want a huge wedding production
  • it is not your first marriage
  • you’ve decided to elope
  • you want something simple but beautiful, or
  • you simply want to have a wedding as unique as you are.

Don’t deny yourself a beautiful wedding just because you have decided not to be married in a cathedral!

If you are planning a wedding in eastern Virginia, our celebrants will work with you to make your ceremony distinctly your own, whatever the setting-
  • the beach
  • a hotel
  • your home
or any other venue. Explore our site and contact us to begin planning your ceremony!

Your Ceremony

We know that planning a wedding means a "to do" list a yard long. If you want to write your own vows, we can help; or, by providing us with information about yourselves and what you believe, we can create a special ceremony designed for you. It gives you one less thing to stress about!

Your Setting

Perhaps you are not an active member of a local church. More and more often, couples are thinking creatively about where to have their ceremonies. Click the "venue" link for ideas of where to say your vows.

ANNOUNCEMENT TO ALL: If you send an e-mail to us and do not receive a response within a few days, please call us at 757-880-4054 or 804-306-3673. We occasionally have problems retrieving our emails. Please believe us, we have not intentionally been ignoring anyone's request for information!

Copyright: Rebecca Ritter Kelly, Trillium Celebrants

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