Elopements: $95.00
  Short notice only!! (48 hours or less): If you have a valid marriage license and want an informal wedding, with or without witnesses, give us a call. If one of us is available, she will be happy to perform the ceremony at the location of your choice (park, river front, beach, marina, etc.). Even on short notice, we will do our best to design a ceremony based on your ideas, chosen especially for you. Elopement charges must be paid in cash. With 12 hours or more notice, the price includes a printed copy of your ceremony.

Please do not ask us to book a wedding in advance at this rate! We cannot. This price is offered for last minute ceremonies only. There is, however, one other option under the "Eloping?" tab to the right.

Planned Wedding Package: $225.00
  This includes a face to face planning meeting*, unlimited consultation via telephone and E-mail, crafting a ceremony especially for you, comped travel up to twenty miles, officiating at the ceremony, a keepsake copy of your personalized ceremony, and filing documents with the county courthouse to be recorded. Your celebrant will arrive at the wedding site from 30 to 45 minutes before the ceremony to review your ceremony with the participants, and will be available for one hour from the scheduled starting time. This package does not include a rehearsal on a date prior to the wedding. There is no charge for meeting with your celebrant for an initial consultation before booking a wedding; however, the location for the the meeting will be made at the discretion of the celebrant.

A $50.00 deposit is required to reserve your date and guarantee availability.

*If you are planning a destination wedding to take place in Virginia, and you will not be available for a face to face meeting, your planning may all be accomplished via telephone, Shype or FaceTime, and E-mail.

Planned Wedding and Formal Rehearsal Package: $335.00
  This includes all of the above under "planned wedding package," plus attendance at your wedding rehearsal on a day or evening prior to the ceremony, plus comped travel up to twenty miles for the rehearsal.

Travel fees: variable
  Our celebrants are based throughout the eastern part of Virginia. For a wedding that requires the celebrant to drive less than 20 miles, there is no travel fee. For travel more than 20 miles (as computed by Mapquest), there is a charge of $1.00 per extra mile for each leg of each trip required (rehearsals, etc.). Any tolls and/or parking fees encountered by the celebrant will also be billed.

We will consider traveling which requires an overnight stay on a case by case basis.

  We reserve the right to refuse to perform a ceremony if we are not comfortable with its format or the behavior of participants.



Copyright: Rebecca Ritter Kelly, Trillium Celebrants

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